Hello, world!

I have a problem.

I hear a creative idea, and my brain takes it and sprints away like the runner of the second-place team on the last leg of a relay. After my regiment’s most recent event, I got to talking with my commanding officer (and good friend) about my experience that weekend and how I felt the event had gone. In the course of the conversation he remarked that I should share my experiences with the Interwebs via blog, because I was in a position to offer insight to a unique subset of reenactors: women who reenact male roles.

Disclaimer right off the bat: I’m far from the only one who does so. I know many women who are veterans of this hobby, and there are regiments out there whose women have a reputation fiercer than the men. I don’t know how many of them talk about it online, though.

So who am I? (and NO, the answer is not 24601. Though you will have to forgive inevitable musical theatre references.) I’m a Revolutionary War reenactor, primarily. Since I joined my current regiment I’ve branched out into late-Victorian female impressions, and I reenact as a woman in Rev War as well (which is how I got my start in reenacting). Specifically, my group portrays the grenadier company of our chosen regiment. Because grenadiers are cool. In total I have almost ten years in the hobby and I don’t intend to stop any time soon. So I might as well write it all down, because sometimes it’s downright wild.

I have no idea what this blog is or will become. But I have a tendency to talk whether or not anyone is listening, anyway. Your guess, dear reader, is as good as mine as to what direction the wind will blow. Musings. Observations. History. Definitely GIFs. And above all, I hope, a palpable, genuine love for this crazy hobby that asks for so much out of your wallet and gives back in ways far less quantifiable.

Why do I reenact? I guess I’m just nuts. That’s certainly what I tell myself every time I dress in three layers of wool, strap on 20 pounds of gear, arm myself with a stick that generates barely-controlled explosions, and march around in midsummer heat.

So why have I decided to blog? I think we’ll find out together.

Mt Harmon 2011


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