Reenactor Happiness…

…Is getting your new fake hair in the mail!


It’s two feet of fake hair that’s detergent-washable.  HOW IS THAT NOT FUN?!?

It’s hard to tell what colour it is in the photo because of the lighting, but almost 6 months ago I started dying my hair red (dark auburn, really).  I’m a naturally dark brunette.  Having red hair is something I’d wanted to do my whole life, but only finally made it a reality this year.

Of course, what that means for reenacting is that I needed new hair pieces.  I have a long swatch like this that matches my natural colour, as well as 1880s-style curly bangs (some day I’ll talk about 1880s hairstyles.  They’re bizarre.)  I’ve been soldiering since the 2013 reenacting season started, but I have a 2nd Boer War event coming up and I needed fake hair to mach my new colour, stat.  So excited.


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