Confessions of a Female Grenadier now on Tumblr!

Do you Tumbl? (Is that a word?) Follow me!

Basically, this idea came out of two things:
1) I’ve been looking for ways to get my blog out there, I’m a pretty new blog and I’m still trying to find ways to get noticed, and
2) I’m going crazy since I aggravated an old dancing ankle injury that means no reenacting for the present moment.

Don’t worry — this doesn’t mean I’ll be posting on this blog any less; I’m just looking for a way to ensnare more viewers. (If this is your first time, or if Tumblr brought you here, hi!) Tumblr will basically be a place for me to announce new blog posts on here, as well as posting/reblogging history- and reenacting-related stuff.

So check it out! Follow me! I only started it up in the last hour, so there’s nothing earth-shattering yet. If you are a history/reenacting blog, I’d love to follow you! I plan to keep this Tumblr specifically for following blogs related to the hobby so as to streamline my Dashboard — so please don’t take it personally if I don’t follow you back. (If you REALLY want to follow my personal blog (It’s a scary place full of musical theatre, science, Doctor Who, horses, and quotes), shoot me an Ask. But I warn you…it’s kind of a bizarre world over there.

As always, welcome to the new folks and hello to my faithful followers. I appreciate you all. And hopefully I’ll be back in red and orange soon.


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