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I Guess Everyone Has to Post an Origin Story at Some Point…

I got my start in reenacting in a roundabout way. Years ago, back when I was young and spry and joints didn’t crack as much as they do now, I was a ballet dancer.

balletI wasn’t joking.  About the ballet OR the joints.

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Hello, world!

I have a problem.

I hear a creative idea, and my brain takes it and sprints away like the runner of the second-place team on the last leg of a relay. After my regiment’s most recent event, I got to talking with my commanding officer (and good friend) about my experience that weekend and how I felt the event had gone. In the course of the conversation he remarked that I should share my experiences with the Interwebs via blog, because I was in a position to offer insight to a unique subset of reenactors: women who reenact male roles.
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