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“I Can’t…I Have a Reenactment…”: A Meditation on Hair

My dedication to the hair cause has always been a bit zealous. Back when I used to perform, I rarely cut more than an inch off my hair at any given time because I needed the length. As a ballet dancer, long hair is easier to style in a bun or french braid, and as an actor it was good to be able to do whatever a particular character required. Cutting my hair too short limited my repertoire.

Reenacting became an extension of that thought process, especially before I had fake hairpieces to help. Even still, fake hair can’t do all the work unless a person has the money to buy entire wigs. My difficulty is twofold, since I switch back and forth between military and civilian capacities. As a soldier, I can queue my hair without the aid of wigs or hairpieces like men must, and as a civilian I have the option to do something fancy if I choose. And now that I also act as sometimes-monarch with my 1839/39 impression of Queen Victoria, that hairstyle requires some length.

And thus, my lifelong struggle continues: If it’s reenacting season, I can’t do more than trim my hair. The real trouble is that, as I get older, my head grows increasingly intolerant of the weight on my head.  If my hair gets too long I’m prone to headaches. And yet, year after year, I am adamant about leaving my hair alone until November, my regiment’s last event of the year for which I absolutely need my hair. Maybe I’m a glutton for punishment. Maybe I’m  stubborn. Or maybe I’m just so used to the status quo that it’s become a habit. I prefer to think that I’m dedicated enough to my impressions that I’m willing not to touch my hair until each season is over. I’m also maybe a little nuts.

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Polar Vortex: Old Enemy of the British Army?

I’m no real fan of hot weather, but boy has it been cold out.  I’ve seriously considered wearing my regimental when I go places because I’m pretty sure it’s the warmest coat I have.  But if you’re like me, you’re getting sick and tired of this “polar vortex” phrase thrown around by the media.  Evidence has been coming to light the past few weeks that not only is “polar vortex” really just another way of saying “duh…winter”, but they’ve been around before.

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Follow me? I’m trying, here.

In further efforts to try to expand my internet presence and hopefully gain more followers, I signed up for Bloglovin.  I realize I also should be posting more often, and I promise I will once the fall/winter show I directed is finished (this weekend).  I’ll have more brain to devote to blogging then.

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Confessions of a Female Grenadier now on Tumblr!

Do you Tumbl? (Is that a word?) Follow me!

Basically, this idea came out of two things:
1) I’ve been looking for ways to get my blog out there, I’m a pretty new blog and I’m still trying to find ways to get noticed, and
2) I’m going crazy since I aggravated an old dancing ankle injury that means no reenacting for the present moment.

Don’t worry — this doesn’t mean I’ll be posting on this blog any less; I’m just looking for a way to ensnare more viewers. (If this is your first time, or if Tumblr brought you here, hi!) Tumblr will basically be a place for me to announce new blog posts on here, as well as posting/reblogging history- and reenacting-related stuff.
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Women’s Fashion in the Victorian Era – Guest Article on CliqUnited

Women’s Fashion in the Victorian Era – Guest Article on CliqUnited

My good friends over at CliqUnited asked me to write for them a while back, and inspiration finally came in the form of the history of women’s fashion in the Victorian era.  Huge thanks to them for hosting me, and it’s a two-parter so stay tuned!